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Staveley farms is located in St. Anicet Quebec, Canada approximately one hour from Montreal, Quebec and Cornwall, Ontario. 



We truly believe in raising strong hard working, high quality meat goats and are always striving to produce a better goat that will go above and beyond today's industry standards.  Our herd is built on the foundation of strong genetics throughout the Boer goat industry in Canada and USA.  We are serious about our goats, not only their genetics, conformation, and productivity, but their health.  If they're not healthy nothing else matter in the long run.  We are and will continue to invest in our own herd with the goal of producing excellent animals for ourselves and to sell to other breeders.



Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us we are always happy to hear from other people who share our passion for goats.

            Shannon Thurston & Kevin Staveley 

            1486 Leahy Road

             St. Anicet, Quebec, Canada
J0S 1M0